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Charting Your IoT Course

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How Are You Tackling IoT? Jumping In Head First Or Taking A Wait-and-See Approach?

Many business leaders have a dilemma today when it comes to IoT. They know that IoT bridges the gap between their customers and the products and services they sell. They know that IoT puts them in a position to collect and leverage an unprecedented amount of data that can open up new streams of revenue or cost savings. And they know that implementing IoT is not like anything they have ever done before. Despite knowing all this, many business leaders don’t know where or how to start IoT.

Common Pitfalls of IoT Projects: Reason Five

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It Costs More Than Expected

IoT projects have so many outliers and there are so many new technologies being brought to bear, costs often exceed initial estimates significantly. We started working on a project with a customer to integrate sensors and connectivity with the core device. We reasonably expected there would be some trial and error, but the device itself was so unstable that it took almost nine months longer to get the new sensors and connectivity working properly.

Common Pitfalls of IoT Projects: Reason Four

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There is No Internal IoT Expertise

While IoT seems fairly straight-forward to business leaders, for many IT departments, IoT projects require a set of skills that might not exist in-house. For example, do we expect IT to figure out how to put sensors and radios into products? In some instances, the products in question are made by other companies and IT has no control over the internal mechanisms.

Common Pitfalls of IoT Projects: Reason Three

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IoT Integrations are Underestimated

We have seen a recent trend where companies eager to get IoT projects underway choose to work on bespoke IoT initiatives outside of an overall corporate IoT strategy. They may choose to do so because it seems like a faster path to solving an IoT challenge. Or perhaps they’ve decided to work with a vendor that has promised them the perfect solution. 

Common Pitfalls of IoT Projects: Reason Two

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Avoid Quantity Rather Than Quality

Imagine solving all of the challenges of getting a device to talk and uplifting the data to the Cloud – only to find out it’s bad data. We actually see this happen a lot. Incorrect big data that results in false alerts being created or incorrect product levels being reported are especially bad.

Common Pitfalls of IoT Projects: Reason One

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The Clock is Ticking

Whether it’s an IoT project or other IT project, no one is happy when a project misses a deadline. This doesn’t mean being a week or two late – we’re talking months. Months where your costs are increasing. Months where business needs aren’t being met and frustration levels are rising fast. If you’ve worked on technology projects in the past, you know this happens frequently. The typical reasons IT projects run long include: poorly defined scope, scope creep, immature technology, or poor project management.  IoT projects often suffer the same fate as typical IT projects but have the added complexity of device firmware. 

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